July in the butterfly garden

July butterflies

Image of Gatekeeper butterfly on Field Scabious, July 2003 Image of Meadow Brown butterfly on Hebe, June 2004
Gatekeeper and Meadow Brown butterflies

July is the month when I hope to see a Small Skipper or Essex Skipper in my garden if I am very lucky; Hyssop is their plant. There may still be visits from Large Skipper butterflies at the start of this month while the Sweet Williams are flowering.

I look forward to the arrival of the Gatekeeper butterflies on Marjoram and Field Scabious. The Meadow Brown butterflies - also from the Satyridae (Browns) family should be visiting too.

Small Tortoiseshells, Red Admiral, Painted Lady and Comma butterflies can be expected. Peacocks should turn up towards the end of the month. These are the butterflies that are typically found on Buddleia.

Small White, Large White and Green-veined White butterflies should be around.

If I am lucky I might see a Brimstone, a Holly Blue or another member of the Satyridae family:- Speckled Wood, Marbled White or Ringlet.

July plants

The Buddleia and Hyssop plants were beginning to flower at the start of July 2004. Verbena bonariensis, Field Scabious and French Marigolds were already flowering. These five are among my top six butterfly-attracting plants; more than 10 butterfly species feed on each of these plants.

My Hebe plants are either flowering or developing buds. Lavender, Candytuft, Virginian Stock, Heliotrope, Lobelia, Mint and Pot Marigolds should be watched for butterfly activity too.

I've also produced an overview of the butterfly year and there's a list of butterflies flying each month on my calendar page.

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