May in the butterfly garden

May butterflies

Comma butterfly link Green-veined White butterfly link Holly Blue butterfly link Small White butterfly link Speckled Wood butterfly link Large White butterfly link

The butterflies that I have seen in my garden during May are:

Brimstone, Comma, Green-veined White, Holly Blue, Large White, Orange Tip, Small White, Speckled Wood

Other common garden butterflies that you might see are:

Common Blue, Painted Lady, Peacock, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell

and more butterflies that might visit your garden in May are:

Brown Argus, Clouded Yellow, Large Skipper, Small Copper

May plants

The butterfly-attracting plants that I've seen butterflies visiting in May are:

Aubrieta, Chives and other Alliums, Choisya, Forget-me-not, Honesty, Red Valerian and Virginian Stock

Hesperis Matronalis (Sweet Rocket) is likely to flower this month too.

If you're buying summer bedding plants from the garden centre at the end of May, then why not get some French Marigolds for the butterflies.

I've also produced an overview of the butterfly year and there's a list of butterflies flying each month on my calendar page.

This page last updated: December 13, 2005