Allium schoenoprasum


This plant attracts the following butterflies:

Green-veined White, Large White, Peacock


Green-veined White on Chives Green-veined White. 31 May 2002

Large White on  chives Large White. 19 June 2002

Ornamental Alliums

There are a number of Allium bulbs for sale. Some are just for decoration and are not edible. I can't remember the variety now, but I've planted one with a large flowerhead.

Large White on allium Large White on ornamental Allium. 16 May 2002.


After flowering the stems & leaves are rather too tough for use in the kitchen so cut back and await the new growth.

Reference Section

Plant Type: hardy perennial bulb

Flowers in Spring

Height: 25cm
Spread: 10-15cm

Kitchen herb - leaves used in recipes and can be frequently cut.

Mature clumps need to be dug up and divided about every 3 years.
The plants will die back to the ground during the Winter months.

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