Clouded Yellow butterfly

Colias croceus

family Pieridae (Whites)

My personal observations of the Clouded Yellow butterfly

seen in my garden: once in September 2000

garden plants that attract this species: Hebe, Marigold

Memorable images of 2003:

thumbnail link
Whitesheet Hill, Wiltshire. August 12.

thumbnail link Fontmell Down, Dorset. August 10.

Memorable image from 2000

thumbnail link Sherborne Water Meadows, Gloucestershire. September 3 2000.


The Clouded Yellow butterfly is a migrant species. If the winds are favourable, then we may get more of these butterflies than usual in a particular year. 2000 was a good year for the migrants from Europe. I saw a number of these butterflies whilst at Sherbourne Water Meadows. On September 10, one visited a Hebe and French Marigold in my garden.

Reference Section

Size: 57-62mm (larger than Small White - see list of butterflies by size)

First Generation flight period: May-June
Second Generation flight period: July-September

Migrant species - although there are reports of the Clouded Yellow over-wintering along the south coast

Larval Food Plants: Clover, Lucerne, Trefoil & leguminous plants

Family Group: Pieridae - see list of butterflies by family

This page last updated: 2 July, 2004