September in the butterfly garden

September butterflies

Image of Red Admiral butterfly Image of Comma butterfly
Red Admiral and Comma butterflies

Plenty of sightings of Small Tortoiseshell butterflies can be expected. There are likely to be large numbers of this butterfly too.

Comma and Red Admiral butterflies are often found feeding on ripe autumn fruit.

Speckled Wood butterflies are most likely to visit this month.

Large White, Small White and Green-veined White can be expected, with Painted Lady and Peacock butterflies.

I've also seen Clouded Yellow and Small Copper butterflies during September.

September plants

Sedum spectabile flowers in September. Buddleia weyeriana attracts some of the butterflies. Verbena bonariensis continues to flower into the autumn.

Some butterflies feed on the fermented juices of fallen fruit such as apples and plums. Blackberries and Autumn-fruiting Raspberries are also favourites. The butterflies can get quite "drunk" and slow-moving, which gives you an easy opportunity to photograph them.

I've also produced an overview of the butterfly year and there's a list of butterflies flying each month on my calendar page.

This page last updated: December 13, 2005