Dark Green Fritillary butterfly

Argynnis aglaja

family - Nymphalidae

My personal observations of the Dark Green Fritillary butterfly

Seen in my Wiltshire garden: 1 August 1999 - very rare garden visitor

garden plants that attract this species: Buddleia weyeriana


thumbnail link Sat on Cornflower.

thumbnail link Sat on Phlox.

thumbnail link Sat on Raspberry bush.


August 1 1999 was a very hot day - about 30°C. There was a lot of butterfly activity including the visit of this Dark Green Fritillary which chased a Peacock butterfly. I saw it on Buddleia weyeriana first.

Reference Section

Size: 63-69mm (larger than Small White - see list of butterflies by size)

First Generation flight period: July-August

Habitat: Chalk downland
Larval Food Plants: Dog Violet (Viola canina)

Family Group: Nymphalidae - see list of butterflies by family

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