Butterfly identification

Butterflies of the Nymphalidae family

These are the big, predominantly brown, butterflies that frequent Buddleia bushes.

Comma (Polygonia c-album). Look for 'ragged' wings and the white 'comma' on the underside of the hindwing.

Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui). Upperside of wings are light brown.

Peacock (Inachis io). The eyespots on the upperside wingtips are the distinguishing feature.

Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta). Deep dark chocolate is the predominant colour of the upperside of the wings with orange/red strips.

Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae). Look for the yellow and white bars at the top edges of the forewings and blue at the other edges.


This page last updated April 14, 2004