Marsh Fritillary butterfly

Euphydryas aurinia


My personal observations of the Marsh Fritillary butterfly

months seen in my garden: NONE
months seen in the English countryside: June

3 memorable images of 2003:

thumbnail link Note the orange tips to the antennae.

thumbnail link Top side of the wings.

thumbnail link Under side of the wings.


These 3 photographs were taken on 15 June 2003 in Gloucestershire.
Marsh Fritillary sites are not common. I was lucky to see several butterflies on this trip.

Butterfly sightings 2005:

Here's a photo of a Marsh Fritillary at the same site, 18 June 2005 (sorry that this is not a quality image!)

Reference Section

Size: 48mm (smaller than Small White - see list of butterflies by size)

First Generation flight period: May-June

Habitat: Marshy ground or sunny hillside
Larval Food Plants: Devil's bit Scabious

Family Group: Nymphalidae - see list of butterflies by family

This page last updated: 18 July, 2005