Adonis Blue butterfly

Lysandra bellargus

family Lycaenidae (Blues, Coppers & Hairstreaks)

My personal observations of the Adonis Blue butterfly

months seen in my garden: NONE
months seen in the English countryside: August

A memorable image from 2003:

This image was taken in the early evening on 14 August 2003 at Fontmell Down, Dorset.


The upper wings of the male are a bright turquoise blue. (Common Blue butterflies are more lavender-blue.) Females have brown upper wings.

The black vein markings that cross the white fringe of the wings, are one of the identifying characteristics. (The Common Blue butterfly has a clear white fringe.)

Reference Section

Size: 38mm (smaller than Small White - see list of butterflies by size)

First Generation flight period: May-June
Second Generation flight period: Aug-September

Habitat: Chalk and Limestone downland
Larval Food Plants: Horse-shoe vetch
Wild Nectar Plants: unknown

Family Group: Lycaenidae - see list of butterflies by family

This page last updated: 2 July, 2004