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Facts about this website

My butterfly website was created in 2001, although I began photographing butterflies in 1997 and keeping records of sightings in 1999. I've made significant modifications and improvements to the website each winter until 2004.

In the summer months, I've been keeping a Journal of butterfly sightings. The main pages of the site get updated as time permits; during the summer I'm too busy watering the plants and photographing the butterflies to do much updating.

On 14 July 2004, the journal was halted abruptly; that evening my doctor told me that I had acute onset leukaemia. I spent the next 4 months in Cheltenham General hospital having chemotherapy. Consequently, there has not been a major update of this site over the winter of 2004-5.

Here are a few facts about this site that may interest you:

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The following features were additions in the last major change:

Text size suitable for your eyes

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer to view this web page - most of my visitors are - then you can alter the text size:

Click on 'View' on the menu bar
Select 'Text Size'
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You can pick a size that makes the words easier to read. This is a feature of Internet Explorer and is not specific to this website although some webmasters fix the text size.

Links and Images

Screen shot of butterfly page showing position of links

There are links within the navigation bar at the top of each page and links within the text.

Many of the images link to bigger pictures - use Internet Explorer's Back button to return from viewing the full image.

For 2003 digital pictures, I've picked an interesting bit of the bigger picture to make the thumbnail - known as "relevance-enhanced image reduction" - the relevant bit is often a butterfly identification mark.


This page last updated December 13, 2005